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Steak & Ale is primarily a premium steakhouse and bar, It has a very south African earthy theme to it with the likes of ngumi cow décor and with wood being the natural look to our establishment. Positioned in the heart of all social festivities of Umhlanga Village, slightly raised off the street with a great view of the entire strip, Steak & Ale has definitely singled itself out as the place to be. Red meat is our primary focus. We do not compromise on quality and it is 100% organic, free range meat. We offer dry aged T-Bone which is on display. Our rump, porterhouse, ribeye and fillet is wet aged. Our more popular dishes are the Bookmakers Steak Roll, Pork Loin Ribs, Specialised Fillet Steaks and Rump. We also cater for the pub goers with a variety of snacks

Steak & Ale prides itself in serving ice cold beer. We offer a good variety of craft and SAB beer. Our bartenders have been on numerous SAB draught pouring/training and we pride ourselves in serving the perfect draught. We offer cocktails and wine list with all cultivors. Our Jagermeister and Tequila are served straight from the freezer.

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